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Clinical Engineering is responsible for the distribution and support of mobile devices and services throughout Barwon Health. Services provided include evaluation of new mobile phones and data services, activation and modifications to existing accounts, technical support, and all billing services.

Mobile Services

Responsible for over 600 mobile services, including voice, voice and data, and data only services, Clinical Engineering look after the creation, ongoing management and billing of these services. This includes determining plans for new and existing services, SIM card management, service inclusions and baring like international roaming, billing disputes and queries, and general account and service management.

Mobile Devices

From basic mobile phones, to smartphones, to tablets, Clinical Engineering look after the purchase, management and repair of all mobile devices at Barwon Health. Ensuring that nurses that are on the road or in patients houses have a working phone in case of emergency, or doctors that are on-call are reachable at all times. Clinical Engineering are also responsible for the Mobile Device Management at Barwon Health, which allows for the remote management and configuration of mobile devices, ensuring that the data stored on the devices is safe and secure at all times.

Landline Services

Although being slowly faded out, landline services are still essential in the healthcare environment. Clinical Engineering are responsible for the ISDN lines coming into Barwon Health, with 90 channels coming in at all times. Also, Clinical Engineering install any lines that may be required for fire and security alarms and panels, and also analog phone lines for some patient phones.

Mobile Broadband

Clinical Engineering set up and manage Mobile Broadband solutions including USB dongles and Wireless Wi-Fi Modems allowing for data accesses when not connected to the facilities Wi-Fi network essential when using a computer when offsite. As well as the provisioning of VPN services that allow for virtual private networks when working offsite.

Patient Phones

Clinical Engineering oversee all of the patient communications at all of the Barwon Health sites, allowing for patients to contact their friends and family during their stay. This includes the installation of phones and phone lines, ongoing management and also billing.

Public Phones

Allowing phone access to all patients, visitors and staff who may not have access to a mobile phone, Clinical Engineering install, repair, and collect the coins from over 12 public phones.


With over 1000 active internal pagers, and 100 long range, Victoria wide, pagers, our paging system is an important telecommunication device. Allowing for an alphanumeric message to be sent quickly and easily, alerting Doctors, Registrars, PSA's, Cleaners and other on-call staff of the message. Often used to alert when a Medical Emergency is occurring or a Security breach. Clinical Engineering are responsible for the purchase and set up of Pagers, creating new pager services, and the ongoing maintenance of 4 paging transmitters and encoders.


The switchboard is an integral part of University Hospital Geelong, answering over 1000 external, and 500 internal calls per day and directing the calls to the correct department. And also announcing any emergencies, alerts or announcements over the PA loud speaker system.


Please contact Barwon Health - Clinical Engineering to discuss what telecommunication services we can offer you.