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Clinical IT

In recent years technological advancements have greatly increased the amount of data clinical systems and equipment can collect, store and process. Access to this information at point of care helps careers deliver safe, efficient and patient-centric care.

Our Clinical IT services deal with computerisation of medical devices and systems that are involved in the acquisition, processing, analysis and presentation of clinical data.

Application/Software Support

Clinical Engineering are the first point of call for the below clinical applications, and are also responsible for the installation, upgrades, faults and integration with other medical equipment/systems.

  • McKesson (Cardiology)
  • Paceart (Cardiology)
  • Mortara Scribe (Cardiology)
  • MacLab (Cardiology)
  • Interaccoustics Suite (Audiology)
  • Compumedics Suite (Neuroscience)
  • OBtraceView (Birth Suite)
  • Vents CPX (Anaesthetics)
  • Patient Online (Dialysis)
  • Personalised Heath Care

Clinical Computer Systems

When the need for a standalone or specific computer system is required for clinical use, Clinical Engineering oversee the evaluation, purchase and ongoing maintenance of these systems. Clinical Engineering also look after integrated the system into the existing IT network, servers and infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Management

Clinical Engineering are responsible for the Clinical IT Infrastructure allow for medical devices to connect to clinical networks. This includes the purchasing and installation of network switches and hubs, network patching and network management, separating the critical medical devices from general IT network and traffic.

LAN Management

Clinical Engineering maintain 5 clinical networks that are all used for specific medical devices including Cardiology, Patient Monitoring and Nurse call, responsible for IP address and access port allocations.


Please contact Barwon Health - Clinical Engineering to discuss what Clinal IT services we can offer you.