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With over 60 AV rooms throughout Barwon Health (University Hospital Geelong, McKellar Centre, Kitchener House, Belmont Sites, and Deakin Tute Rooms) Clinical Engineering are responsible for installing and setting up new AV rooms and also ensuring that the AV Systems, including projectors, TV's, display inputs, audio and speaker systems, and also room management and automation are all working and ready to use. Clinical Engineering are also responsible for training and user support for the AV rooms and systems, and provide advice and consultation on new construction projects and upgrades.

Telehealth and Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing and Telehealth allow for care givers to collaborate and work together with other staff members and even hospitals to provide overall greater patient care and support. With over 30 VC rooms across Barwon Health sites, clinical engineering install, manage and maintain, and provide service, support and training on VC units.

Televisions and Patient Entertainment Systems

Working closely with Hospital Television Rentals (HTR/Hills Health), Clinical Engineering maintain all of the Patient Entertainment Systems, which allow for patients to watch and enjoy television, movies and radio stations. This includes the repair, management and maintenance of the TV units and also the patient remote/handsets.

Clinical Engineering also look after all of the television sets throughout Barwon Health. This consists of all of the advertisement screens, booking screens and patient journey board and flow screens.


Please contact Barwon Health - Clinical Engineering to discuss what audiovisual services we can offer you.