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About Us

Based at University Hospital Geelong, our team of trained and qualified engineers and technical officers insure that clinicians have adequate and effective technology to insure the delivery of quality healthcare.

In addition to repairing, maintaining, inspection and testing of medical equipment, the department provides a full spectrum of clinical engineering services including technology evaluation, equipment selection, installation, modification, solving technology problems, managing device recalls and regulatory requirements.

The department provides access to a service intranet page for our customers to access information about their equipment we service as well as other information about their department and/or facility.

We are committed to supporting quality, innovative and compassionate care to patients.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide accessible high quality technology management services in biomedical and clinical engineering to Barwon Health and its affiliates and to healthcare service providers in the Barwon and south western regions of Victoria.

To fulfil our mission, we strive to achieve a set of objectives, which are:

  • To understand the unique requirements of our customers and plan our service delivery functions aimed at addressing those requirements
  • To achieve superior service outcomes against the constraints of quality, time and budget
  • To maintain a fair, innovative and safe work environment
  • To evaluate and improve our processes and procedures aimed at reducing risks and increasing efficiencies

Barwon Health Clinical Engineering is also guided by the Barwon Health values -

  • Respect for the unique qualities of each individual, family and community, for our partners, the organisation we represent and for each other
  • Compassion for the circumstances of the people we care for
  • Commitment to facilitate high quality health outcomes by working collaboratively with all stakeholders
  • Accountability for all our actions and outcomes by working to clear objectives in a transparent manner
  • Innovation to lead the way and develop creative initiatives to address the health needs of our community


Our Staff

Clinical Engineering employs 15 full time staff members including Director, 2 Managers, 1 Team leader, 2 Engineers and 9 Technical Officers

Working with G-Force Employment Solutions Clinical Engineering often employs trainees and students interested in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Anton Selvakumaran - Director

Anton has worked in the Clinical Engineering department at Barwon Health for over 30 years.

Tung Nguyen - Operations Manager

Tung has worked in the Clinical Engineering department for over 16 years.

Sarah Varghese - Manager, Asset Management, Compliance and Telecommunications

Sarah has worked in the Clinical Engineering department for over 9 years.